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Top Mistakes You Need To Stop Making While Choosing Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms

Setting up and running an ecommerce business is like climbing a mountain. There will be times when you would be the winner, while sometimes you will hit obstacles that will impede your progress. To reach on top, you need determination, expertise and right tools. Other than that, you need to avoid common mistakes that other business owners make on their online selling journey.

Mistake #1: To pick the wrong Ecommerce Platform

If you’re choosing an ecommerce platform that is not scalable software, then it could limit your business growth. How can you recognize a non-scalable ecommerce platform? Well, a non-scalable ecommerce platform lacks the ability to integrate with your existing systems and offer lack of customization. When you choose an inappropriate ecommerce platform, it can cause you range of issues like revenue loss, traffic reduction, less conversions, poor security, poor design, and much more. It also means that you need to invest more time, funds and energy either to migrate to other platform or to update the existing one. This is why it’s better to take all the time while choosing the right ecommerce platform.

Mistake #2: Not focusing on your target audience

One of the biggest flaw entrepreneurs can make is not to clearly specify their target audience. You may have products, a website, and a business plan, yet you can’t overlook the importance of market research. Whether you’re running b2b business or b2c business, you should be aware of your customer’s pain points. Do a thorough market research. Pay heed to what solutions they’ve used in the past (which didn’t work), evaluate where and how your audience can engage with online content. Also, you need to pitch into how your product can solve their problems.

Mistake #3: Not making use of A Scalable platform

They say, if you think less, you will get less. Choosing a scalable ecommerce platform can form the basis of successful ecommerce business. So, don’t restrict your vision for small business. Have a vision to grow and expand. Allow your company to feature in new markets, and offer wide range of products to customers.

Mistake #4: Poor customer service

Choose an Ecommerce platform that can address customer complaints via email or phone. Being accessible to your customers is a key of happy customers.


By knowing the common pitfalls, you can climb above your competitors.

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